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Case Results

  • Private (E-1) facing marijuana charges retained in New York Army National Guard

    March 2022

    Private hired Matthew Jubelt when he faced Administrative Separation from the New York Army National Guard for his alleged use of marijuana.  Matthew's legal analysis and investigation provided legitimate bases to drop all adverse actions against the client and return him to full duty status.... Read On

  • SSG (E-6) stationed at Fort Drum, New York saved from Article 15 and Administrative Separation

    April 2022

    A Staff Sergeant stationed with the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) at Fort Drum, New York contacted Mr. Jubelt to secure his services due to false allegations as to his use of marijuana.  The Staff Sergeant was facing an Article 15 and Administrative Separation with an Other than Hon... Read On

  • SSG (E-6) stationed at Fort Drum, New York Avoids Court-Martial

    April 2022

    Staff Sergeant at Fort Drm, New York hired Matthew Jubelt when he faced false allegations that he had fraternized with and allegedly had sexual relations with a Soldier subject to his orders.  Mr. Jubelt's investigation revealed evidence to counter the Government's narrative resulting in a di... Read On

  • SFC (E-7) stationed at Fort Drum, New York avoids Conviction and Permitted to Retire

    January 2022

    Matthew G. Jubelt, was hired by a Sergeant First Class with19 years of service to represent him in a pending Court-Martial at Fort Drum, New York.  Before hiring Matthew Jubelt, Sergeant First Class was facing a General Court-Martial for Article 120 Abusive Sexual Contact Offenses at Fort Dru... Read On

  • SGT (E-5) stationed at Fort Drum, New York receives exoneration and reduced sentence at Court-Martial

    May 2022

    SGT (E-5) Stationed at Fort Drum, New York facing felony charges of assault and battery secured legal representation from Matthew G. Jubelt, who in a contested trial, demonstrated innocence of his client and acquired a reduction on other charges resulting in no confinement at sentencing.   "... Read On

  • ROTC Cadet Career Saved at Syracuse University

    April 2022

    Matthew G. Jubelt saves ROTC Cadet facing disenrollment from Syracuse University's ROTC Program for misconduct, the loss of loss of scholarship tuition money and the prospect of tens of thousands of dollars of scholarship tuition repayment.  Mr. Jubelt secured a drop of all allegations against RO... Read On

  • First Class Cadet Career Saved at West Point

    June 2020

    Client facing separation from both the U.S. Army and the United States Military Academy. Following significant written advocacy and communication with members of Client's Command and the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate Attorney Matthew Jubelt secures the client's future with participation in the Academy Mentorship Program. In doing so, Client benefited from temporary military services as an enlisted soldier only to return to and matriculate at the Military Academy for Client's eventual commissioning. Read On

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