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Enlisted Separations and Officer Show Cause Boards

Separation Boards and Boards of Inquiry

Matt Jubelt has years of experience counseling service members through command inquiries, administrative investigations as well as enlisted and officer separations. To negotiate such endeavors, each case must not only be evaluated on its own merits, but each client and his or her circumstances must also be considered, to include, the rank, time in service and desires of each client. 

The procedures for the separation of enlisted personnel is dependent upon the component of service. Although Active Duty enlisted separations are regulated under AR 635-300, Reserve and National Guard enlisted separations are regulated under AR 135-178. Each regulation sets forth different procedures, timelines and protocols for each component. Similarly, Active duty officer elimination boards are regulated by AR 600-8-24. While Reserve and National Guard Officer separations are regulated by AR 135-175. In all instances, the Procedures for Administrative Investigations and Boards of Officers as established under AR 15-6  dictates the general guidelines for all formal board procedures where the other regulations are silent. 

Military Separation Boards and Boards of Inquiry bring with them the prospect of a characterization of military service that may act as a statutory bar to benefits or otherwise preclude or limit certain veteran's benefits. Our firm encourages early and frequent communication with our attorneys to ensure the best possible outcome for continued military service or post-service benefits. Contact Matthew G. Jubelt today to best positioned yourself and your future. 

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