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Sergeant First Class (E-7) stationed at Fort Drum, New York avoids Conviction and secures Retirement.

January 2022

Matthew G. Jubelt, was hired by a Sergeant First Class with 19 years of service to represent him in a pending Court-Martial at Fort Drum, New York.  Before hiring Matthew Jubelt, Sergeant First Class was facing a General Court-Martial for Article 120 Abusive Sexual Contact Offenses at Fort Drum.  Matthew secured a resolution allowing Sergeant First Class to continue to serve until 20 years, avoiding a federal conviction and securing retirement for the benefit of the Sergeant First Class's family.  

"Matt was able to give me hope when I had none. He was 100% my advocate and in my corner. Without him fighting my battle there is no doubt in my mind that things would have ended up much worse for me. He told me right from the start that he was expensive, but really, is there a price for piece of mind, hope, and results. Matt did not sugar coat anything, he would give me best case and worst-case possibilities, and it turned out pretty much how he expected/explained it might. My outlook went from absolutely horrible, to absolutely manageable. Thank you, Matt, for helping me out!"--Sergeant First Class, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Drum, New York.

Court: Fort Drum, New York

Matthew Jubelt

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