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Case Results

Midshipmen Retained at the United States Naval Academy

August 2023

United States Naval Academy Crest

A Midshipmen client was notified as to an investigation against her for a series of conduct under COMDTMIDNIST 1610.2 that would be presented to the Deputy Commandant of the United States Naval Academy for action.  

In this stage, the Deputy Commandant is empowered to adjudicate the matter himself and if he so desires dismiss all charges. In the alternative, the Deputy Commandant may refer the matter to a Conduct Board whose authority is significant in that the Board may be empowered to recommend the separation of the Midshipman from the United States Naval Academy and the United States Navy and further recommend that separation be accompanied by a characterization of service of Other than Honorable (OTH), which will cause the loss of all military and veteran benefits.  However, if the Midshipman is in their last two years at the Academy, the Midshipman will have already signed commitment papers and an early departure after this commitment can cause the reimbursement of hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition expenses and fees as set forth under SECNAVINST 1531.4A.

Undeterred, Attorney Matthew G. Jubelt was retained to represent this Midshipman.  Mr. Jubelt contacted the United States Naval Academy, informed the Academy of his representation, acquired the evidence against our client, and worked tirelessly to prepare a submission to the Academy with the goal of bringing overwhelming, compelling, and favorable evidence to slowly peel back each layer of the case.  In doing so, Mr. Jubelt revealed the ulterior motivations of the witnesses against our client and presented those ulterior motivations with facts and evidence that undercut each witness's credibility that was to testify against our client.  Mr. Jubelt presented this information to the Deputy Commandant of the United States Naval Academy who, upon review of Mr. Jubelt's submission, dismissed each and every allegation against the Midshipmen-Client. 

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