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Case Results

Military Policeman's Future Secured at Fort Drum

July 2023

An enlisted Military Policeman's future is saved at Fort Drum after securing counsel and representation from attorney Matthew G. Jubelt.  

A Military Policeman who was embroiled in an investigation involving U.C.M.J. allegations and other professional misconduct faced the loss of his desired civilian career as a civilian police officer.  Mr. Jubelt reviewed the allegations, assessed the areas of risk for our client, and noted the components of the investigation were deficient.  Armed with these assessments, Mr. Jubelt negotiated the matter downward from a general court-martial to that of a summary court-martial.  In this forum, our client was able to admit wrongdoing without exposing himself to the risk of a criminal conviction because a summary court-martial is a unique creature of the military justice system with processes and procedures that distinguish it from either special or general courts-martial which are analogous to our civilian courts with powers to adjudge either misdemeanors or felonies along with with the consequence of a criminal conviction and a record that will follow a person for the remainder of one's life with an adverse effect upon a person's employment, civic and other opportunities. Through this negotiated tactic, our client avoided a criminal conviction that would have otherwise followed him into the civilian world.  Our client retained his benefits, departed the Army with an Honorable characterization of service, and preserved his veteran's preference for employment as a civilian police officer.  

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