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Military Justice Resources

Matthew G. Jubelt, Military Law Attorney

Congress and the President frequently amend the Manual for Court Martial. The frequency and significance of these amendments make the importance of engaging an experienced military law practitioner all the more imperative as general practitioners and local criminal law attorneys often lack the background, knowledge and experience manage court-martial representation let alone other military law matters.  

Contact experienced counsel for advice and representation in military justice and related military law matters.

Military Periodicals

Military Justice Blogs and Institutes

  • CAAFlog.   CAAFlog is an online forum dedicated to the topic of military law–especially military criminal law.
  • Lawfire.  Lawfire is a military law blog by Charles J. Dunlap Jr., the former deputy Judge Advocate General of the United States Air Force.  Professor Dunlap, Jr. is a Professor of Practice at the Duke University School of Law and Executive Director of the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security. 


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